Friday, February 23, 2007

The time has finally arrived!

I can't believe today is the day I am heading down to Miami for the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. I thought today would never come, I have been counting down since the event ended last year! This year it is sponosored by the Food Network so it's going to be even bigger and better. Tonight is the Food Network Awards Show. I can't freaking wait! Catherine Zeta-Jones will be there, Emeril is the MC and I think we have pretty good seats, what more can I ask for?? I hope to be able to give out my College Bites information a little over the course of the weekend. Tomorrow is the Grand Tasting event where all the restaurants and wines do their tasting and the food celebs do their demos! This year I was much smarter, instead of buying one book from each chef, I bought a book that has all of their pictures so we(my mom and I) only have to carry around one book! I can't wait, but first I have to get through my Dynamics quiz this morning, then my flight leaves at 12:35 and I am on vacation for the next 40 hours!! Although I am exhausted from staying up so late to finish my work so I wouldn't have to do it Sunday. I will be back! While I'm gone, tell more of your friends about my site!

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